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    Even water that appears safe - perhaps from your kitchen tap or a plastic bottle - can be polluted with toxins, heavy metals, VOCs and emerging contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides and prescription drugs. That's not our kind of cocktail! The Puritii® Water Filtration System is the perfect on-the-go urban companion for clean drinking water anywhere life takes you. Grab it and go. 


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    How to Use
    Use with the Puritii Tritan Water Bottle. 

    The Puritii water filtration system. All-inclusive, proven and easy-to-use. The Puritii Water Filtration System is a technological breakthrough in filter design exclusively engineered by ARIIX. With this proprietary, portable water filtration system, enjoy safe, fresh, clean drinking water without the cost, environmental impact, and potentially harmful toxins of bottled or tap water. 

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    Puritii Water Filter
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