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    To unlock even more impressive services, reports & deals.

    Retail Value: $49.99/month

    Only Morinda Office Pro subscribers get access to the Sampling Program-one of the most effective ways to build interest in Morinda products, capture leads, sell product and make money. 

    Every month, Morinda Office Pro subscribers get 10 free sample credits which can be used to send single-use samples of Morinda's hottest and most beloved products to 10 lucky recipients. Morinda, then, will assist in the gathering of the lead, as well as the act of following up. Morinda's dynamic sampling program employs the use of custom email drip campaigns, as well as the convenience and ease of the Lead Management Tool.

    There is no better way to generate actionable interest in Morinda's superb products. Morinda Office Pro and the Sampling Program are the perfect pair.

    Retail Value: $29.99/month

    Did you know Morinda Office Pro users have access to an entire Marketing department, right at their fingertips? It's true. And the Email Marketing Tool is proof.

    The Morinda Office Pro email marketing tool lets its users send custom email campaigns to any list of customers. Emails are pre-written for maximum efficiency, and can be customized to fit any particular need or circumstance. Each email has been crafted by the Morinda marketing team, and includes the perfect messaging for all products, product lines and brands. 

    Retail Value: $29.99/month

    The Lead Manager Tool makes it easier than ever to keep track of and progress the leads you generate. It gives you access to progress reports, daily task lists, heat indicators, and a large and thorough drip email campaign. Enter a new contact's information, and they will be automatically sent prewritten emails from your personal address as if you had written them. 

    The Lead Manager Tool also gives you daily tasks to complete. It will remind you to personally follow up with a customer to see how they've enjoyed a product they recently bought, tell you when it's time to schedule a follow-up scan with a contact, and more.

    Retail Value: $19.99/month

    All customers are different, but some customers share certain characteristics with others. For example, some of your customers may live in a certain place. Some of your customers may prefer a certain product. Some of your customers are men, and some are women. How do you send custom messages to different groups of customers that share a common trait?

    By segmenting.

    Segmenting is a business term used to describe the act of grouping customers so that you can reach them better. Smart businesses will customize their messaging and approach to fit the needs of different groups of customers. With Morinda Office Pro, you'll have access to an incredible business segmenting tool that will allow you to group your organization based on purchases, demographics, geography and more. 

     Retail Value: $29.99/month

    The world is more connected today than it has ever been before, and that spells opportunity for any enterprising business builder. Morinda Office Pro is making it easier than ever to be an effective online business builder with professionally designed social media marketing tools. With Morinda Office Pro you'll have ready access to a huge library of images, ads, banners and even content you can use on social media to build your business.  

    Retail Value: $29.99/month

    There's just so much to keep track of when it comes to your TruAge business, making it quite a challenge. Wouldn't it be great to have all important information and announcements right at your fingertips? Help is just a text away for Morinda Office Pro members, as you'll have the option of receiving text message notifications thanks to the Business Alert Tool.

    Anytime you qualify for a bonus, someone signs up as an IPC under your name, or someone in your organization signs up for a Pro membership, you'll receive a text. You can also receive custom reports regarding AutoShip cancellations, real-time volume, commissions check amounts, and more. 

    Retail Value: $29.99/month

    Ever want to share and promote your Morinda experiences with a wider audience, but don't know how to go about doing it? The Social Blaster can help. Morinda Office Pro's Social Blaster is a social media tool that allows you to send carefully crafted, beautifully simple social media messages across your personal social media accounts, all while barely lifting a finger.

    This is a simple, non-intrusive way of sharing information about your favorite Morinda brands and products with your online network. Social Blaster will help generate interest in your business and open doors for further growth as people - perhaps even strangers - sign up under your name. What's more, it's far easier and much less invasive than personally approaching every person you come in contact with one by one.

    Retail Value: $19.99/month

    It's been said that knowledge is power, and the amount of knowledge you'll have access to thanks to your Morinda Office Pro membership will have you feeling powerful indeed. To help aid your business, you'll have access to detailed business management reports, custom reports, Fast Start commission reports, striking distance update reports, real-time business activity status reports, and much more.


    Retail Value: $19.99/month

    Good business builders need the ability to forecast different scenarios so they can make solid plans. The Morinda Office Pro Income Calculator gives its users the ability to project income scenarios and identify key actions that need to be taken to achieve income goals. The Income Calculator is a quick and easy way to get a clear picture of the income implications of various activities (like finding new customers, selling more product, etc.). 

    Retail Value: $29.99/month

    Along with the Email Marketing Tool, the Sampling Program and the Lead Manager Tool, Morinda Office Pro's Custom Landing Pages give each customer a professional and inviting introductory shopping experience with Morinda.

    Retail Value: $19.99/month

    Morinda Office Pro now offers specialized personal Website statistics, making it easier than ever to collect important customer information. As a business owner with your own online storefront, you should take a moment to ask yourself the following questions: Do you currently know how many people visit your Website every day? Do you know how many repeat visitors you get? What are the most popular parts of your Website? What are your visitors clicking on the most? Are your visitors just hitting one page, or are they exploring the whole Website? How many orders have you placed via your Website?

    This is information you need to better run your Morinda business, and you'll have access to all of it and more as a Morinda Office Pro subscriber.

    Retail Value: $19.99/month

    With all the money you're making thanks to your Morinda business, calculating your taxes can be a chore. That chore turns into a breeze, however, when you have Morinda Office Pro's Tax Management Service at your disposal. It's like having a personal tax consultant in your computer or smartphone, and you'll get this fantastic resource for free with your Morinda Office Pro membership (normally $19.99 per month).

    This Tax Management Service allows you to receive tax tips and advice from top-of-the-line tax professionals, as well as track, manage and organize expenses, and that's just the start. Use your phone's GPS or Google Maps to track your travel mileage, and link your bank account or credit cards and our service will look for deductions you may have missed and allow you to import them.

    What's more, you can stop worrying about losing your receipts and other information, as Morinda's Tax Management Service stores all your tax information via the cloud.

    These and other Tax Management utilities could help you save thousands of dollars on your taxes.

    Retail Value: 50 pts

    You're already purchasing Morinda products, so why not get rewarded for that? With Morinda's new Rewards Program, you can earn rewards points that go towards free products, and all you have to do is be on AutoShip. Anyone that is on AutoShip will earn points on AutoShip purchases only, according to QV. One unit of QV amounts to one point. Also, any redeemed products you get with your points will be added to your AutoShip order, which means no addition shipping charge.

    But accumulating rewards points is even easier for Morinda Office Pro members. That's because they get 50 points each month automatically, just for being on Morinda Office Pro! So stockpile those points and use them towards anything in the Morinda store.

    A Morinda Office Pro membership will give you access to a variety of valuable benefits and assets not available to others, and that in and of itself makes the membership worth it.

    But, believe it or not, it gets even better. Your Morinda Office Pro membership will also be putting additional cash in your pocket. You'll earn commission for every member of your downline that also becomes a Pro member. And with all the great advantages that come with being a Pro member, why wouldn't they want to take part in that?

    Still not convinced? Think of it this way: if enough members of your downline go Pro, then your Morinda Office Pro membership has already paid for itself, even if you don't take advantage of all the many additional benefits it provides!