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  • In 1996, Morinda disrupted the health supplement industry with the introduction of Tahitian Noni Juice, launching a multi-billion dollar industry virtually overnight.

    Today, Morinda uses its unquestioned noni expertise to drive their mission to help everyone obtain the three things they want the most: Better health, better appearance and financial freedom. That is how Morinda changes lives all over the world.

    As a driving partner with New Age Beverages Corporation, Morinda is focused on its goal to be a part of the largest healthy beverage company in the world.

    Our course is plotted.
    Our purpose is clear.

    And our future has never been so bright. 



    The vast health benefits of noni fruit are discovered by Morinda’s original food scientist.


    Tahitian Noni Juice is introduced to the world. It becomes a global phenomenon and launches the superfruit industry.


    The first human clinical study proving the benefits of the noni fruit is conducted.


    Iridoids are found to dramatically reduce AGE formation and help prevent the damage AGEs cause, including premature aging, illness and disease.


    Morinda turns 20 years old and marks the beginning of their "Second Era of Growth".

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    Morinda is conceptualized and the formula for a groundbreaking new health beverage is born.

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    Other topical and consumable products incorporating the benefits of the noni fruit are developed and found to provide more benefits to their users

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    Morinda scientists discover that the iridoids in noni are the source of its amazing health benefits.

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    The TruAge line is developed for focus on the science behind the success of Tahitian Noni Juice.

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    Morinda announces historic merger with New Age Beverage Corporation, putting the new company on track to become the world's largest healthy beverage company.


    At Morinda, we focus our product development efforts on one overall philosophy: to search the world for the earth’s best and most beneficial ingredients and use them to create world-class products that improve quality of life.

    This journey of discovery started with the noni fruit. Building on that foundation, we’ve expanded our search to discover the best ingredients from around the world and develop products that improve every important part of life, including aging, personal care, athletic performance and more.

    Core Products
    Morinda's future is as bright as pure Tahitian sunlight. Morinda is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to use the noni fruit to help its customers and partners achieve better health, better appearance and financial freedom. And Morinda will be a driving force in helping New Age Beverages Corporation achieve the goal of becoming the world's largest healthy beverage company. There has never been a better time to be a part of the Morinda story.  
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