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  • Built by nature and validated by science, every part of the noni plant elevates the body to a new level of holistic health and healing.



    The flesh of noni fruit contains hundreds of phytonutrients, including iridoids, which are rare and give noni much of its antioxidant power. The flesh of noni is what’s used to create all Tahitian Noni® liquid supplements.


    Noni leaf contains a unique blend of phytonutrients, different from that of noni fruit. Can be crushed for antioxidant-rich tea or used for its skin health benefits.


    Noni seed oil is rich in linoleic acid, which helps condition and moisturize the skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Noni seed extract, made from the entire seed, improves skin brightness.


    As the world’s leading noni experts, we’ve dedicated 20+ years to studying superfruit noni. No other company in the world dedicates as many resources to the research of noni. Our research on its health benefits and applications have been published in 300+ peer-reviewed articles.