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  • How to Practice Self-Care Without Spending Any Money

    | 2020-07-24



    If you've ever rationalized not taking care of yourself, raise your hand. It can be difficult justifying the expense of a deep-tissue massage or daily fresh-pressed juice, and you might find yourself doubting "Do I really need this? - Nope!"

    It's hard to tell when we should and shouldn't pay a premium for "self-care" but the practice of playing an active role in your wellbeing and happiness is essential, if not daily then weekly. That being said, self-care should never be synonymous with spending money.  That's why we put together a list of self-care rituals that can improve your wellbeing (right now) without needing to spend a single dime.

    Try one, try them all:


    1. Morning Stretch or Yoga Flow

    morning yoga

    Starting the day stretching or doing a free yoga flow (you can find dozens on YouTube) is a great way to get your blood flowing. Stretching and exercising first thing in the morning before tackling emails and chores can put you in a more zen state of mind, meaning less agitation and stiffness later (both mentally and physically!)

    Morning is also the perfect time to focus on you, your breathing, and the day ahead. It could be 5 minutes or 20 minutes. No matter the timeframe, start your day with self-care.


    2. Go for a Walk


    It sounds so simple, but it works! Many of us are cooped up in the house or workplace for extended periods. This wears on mental and physical health, but there's no better (free) remedy than going for a walk outside to soak up the sunshine. A micro-dose of Vitamin D and endorphins will make anyone's day brighter.

    And yes, that email can wait. A self-care practice is an activity where you prioritize what your mind and body need to function at its highest, most healthy level.


    3. Start a New Book

    read a book

    Whether it's a hot new release your friend lent you or a book that's collected dust on the "en-usad" shelf, crack open the first page and dive in. Reading puts the brain in a state likened to meditation. Plus, readers tend to sleep better, have lower stress, and higher self-esteem.


    4. Dress Up. (Even if you're staying home!)

    dress up

    This one might seem silly, especially if your weekend plans consist of Hulu on the couch, but humor us. Take your time to shower, pick out an outfit, and get dressed up.

    Dressing up mentally prepares us to step into a new mode. Even putting on jeans after wearing sweatpants for a week can make you feel like a whole new person. You can also have fun with it and wear something funny or fancy. Remember dress-up as a kid? Make a game out of it and have fun.


    5. Journal


    Journaling improves mood. We're not just saying that, it's proven. Done daily, this practice helps us recognize common stress triggers and ways to outsmart them. Write down how you are feeling, how your day is going, or what you are grateful for. This can unload a ton of pent up stress.

    Every morning or evening - or anytime between- open a journal and write for 5-10 minutes. You don't have to look at it again if you don't want. It's the act that matters.


    6. Paint Your Nails

    paint your nails

    Everyone loves a good mani-pedi! Have a little fun at home by painting your nails or toes with your favorite color. Playing some music or your favorite podcast. Some women say that they enjoy a confidence boost when their nails are done. You can get this pick-me-up without paying at the salon.


    7. Cook a Meal.

    cook a meal

    Scour your cabinets and put together a wild meal with ingredients you already have at home. If you only find weird items, get creative! Cooking requires dedicated mental energy, which can increase mindfulness and make you feel, well, happy. Do it alone or with friends and family.


    8. Watch a New Movie

    watch a movie

    Who doesn't love a good movie night? Pop some popcorn and turn on the latest Netflix documentary, action movie, or cheesy rom-com you've been dying to see. The only rule: make it a film you've never seen before. Watching something new can expand and engage our minds leading to a sense of contemplation and rejuvenation.

    This can be an especially useful self-care ritual for those who run themselves into the ground with work, childcare, and chores. You deserve to relax. Now say it as the popcorn finishes. I deserve to relax.

    9. Take a Relaxing Bath

    relaxing bath

    Designate the bathroom as off-limits to everyone else in the house and unplug with a bath. If you have it, use some Epsom Salts or your favorite bath bomb. You can even set a relaxing mood with music or candles. A long soak in the tub is sure to remedy stressed and sore muscles.


    10. Call a Friend or Family Member

    call a friend

    Get a pick-me-up by talking on the phone with your favorite person. Be intentional about whose number you dial, since you want to avoid friends or family who tend to make you tense or stressed. Talk through any anxieties you may be experiencing and relive funny moments. A quick "therapy" session with a BFF can help you refocus and refresh.


    11. Listen to Music

    listen to music

    Music is such a powerful force that can work to influence your mood and emotions. Turning on happy, upbeat music can put you in an energized mood, while a Zen station can promote deep-breathing and relaxation. What mood are you hoping to be in? Find a playlist and press play.


    12. Apply Your Favorite Face Mask

    temana skincare

    Short on self-care time? Set your phone for 20 minutes and start your skincare routine. Apply a TeMana Brightening Face Mask for skin that appears glowing, refreshed, and moisturized.


    13. Go to Bed Early


    This self-care practice can be done every day of the week, can greatly impact your wellbeing, and never costs money. The benefits of this practice can range from helping maintain a healthy weight to improving memory and so much more. Start small and make a goal to go to bed 30 minutes earlier tonight. Sweet dreams!



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