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  • A Gut-Check: Supplement Your Immune System with Probiotics

    Chase Anderson | 2020-03-30

    gut health

    Here's a staggering estimate: there's over trillions of individual cells that make up your microbiome. You have more cells in your gut than stars in our own galaxy. Wow! Sit and digest that fact. And, universally speaking, that's a useful way to think about your own microbiome. It is a sort of galaxy or universe unto its own, with trillions and trillions of cells interacting with each other to support you.

    Now touch your stomach and imagine the universe that's inside you. Incredible, isn't it? Our guts are getting more and more news these days - and for good reason. Researchers and generally smart people have studied how the bacteria in our gut interact with other parts of our complex body. For example, the gut-brain axis studies how the wellbeing of our gut interacts with our brain, which regulates biological processes like mood, memory, and more.

    There's also ongoing research into how a healthy gut can help promote healthy immune function, and we bet that you probably know this intuitively. When your stomach isn't feeling good, chances are that you're not feeling good - right?

    Remember the trillions of cells that constitute your gut? The bacteria and flora that make up your gut microbiome are constantly fluctuating due to environmental stressors, travel abroad, and diet. Anything that you put into your body, of course, is going to alter the terrain. And you want your internal terrain to look like a thriving, surviving ecosystem - replete with lush flora and fauna.

    Our probiotic, available for a limited time with limited quantities, is one way to help constitute a healthy, happy gut terrain. It's an easy-to-use, convenient probiotic that has approximately a billion CFUs of bacillus coagulans. Let's put it another way: a billion of the good guys that will help keep your gut populated with the good stuff - ensuring that you're feeling your best.

    Even more, our probiotic doesn't need refrigeration. And we think that's sort of nice when you look at the other probiotics out there. You can never be sure what temperature to store them, so you don't know how effective the product will be. Well, with us, there's no guesswork involved. You're getting an effective dose every single time and not letting your money go to waste. And your health is your best investment, bar none.

    Click here to purchase today for $23.99. That's less than a dollar a day to support your microbiome and overall immune health. But hurry! Please don't wait too long because we soon won't be offering this convenient daily-use probiotic.


    P.S.  Be sure to check out our Boost with Juice campaign and discover how Tahitian Noni Juice can benefit your immune system, too.


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