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    The Role of DOWs

    Distributor-Operated Warehouses (DOWs) are similar to other Morinda Independent Product Consultants (IPCs) in their role of coordinating payment and delivery of Morinda Products to IPCs or Customers. Like a regular IPC, a DOW can assist in signing up new IPCs with Morinda. A DOW works independently of Morinda setting up his or her own schedule without direct supervision from the company.

    DOWs facilitate the purchase of Morinda products by either:

    • 1. Collecting product payments from various IPC or Customers and consolidating payment to the legal importer in exchange for product,


    • 2. Prepaying the cost of product to the importer and making delivery to IPC or Customers as IPC or Customers pay for the product.

    DOWs prepay the cost of IPC enrollment fees to Morinda Access and receive complementary starter kits to accompany the enrollment of each new IPC. DOWs also receive bulk shipments of the commission checks or pre-paid ATM cards for IPCs they service.

    Although it's not required, DOWs may lend assistance to IPC or Customers outside their own network with approval from the new IPC or Customer's sponsor. For a list of DOWs who have accepted working with IPCs or Customers outside of their own recruited network, please click on the "Enrollment" link above.

    DOWs are under contract with Morinda Access to perform these duties fairly and effectively. If a DOW's behavior is found in violation of the contract with Morinda Access or unacceptable to Morinda Compliance regulations, disciplinary action will be taken against the DOW up to and including (but not limited to) termination of his or her Morinda IPC account.

    DOW Requirements and Application Form

    DOWs are required to possess the following:

    • Sufficient space to store at least 60 cases of Morinda products in a clear, dry, animal- and pest-free area that will not be exposed to excessive heat, cold, or contaminants
    • An up-to-date computer with email and Internet capabilities that will accommodate large attachments
    • A fax machine or scanner
    • A working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel
    • Organizational skills sufficient to maintain daily operations
    • A clean record with the Morinda Compliance Department
    • A downline or service group of at least 20 IPCs with at least 10 IPCs on Autoship.

    If you would like to become a DOW and you meet these requirements, please print out the PDF application (see link below). Fill out and sign the application, then send it back to Morinda Access using one of the methods mentioned at the end of the application. If you do not have a PDF-reading application, please go to and download their "Reader". If you already have a PDF-reading application, please click DOW Application to be shown the application.

    Development Phase

    The process for developing a new market is as follows:

    1. We must gather serious commitments from at least 10 intended DOWs, from at least three different organizations, who commit to purchase at least 1,000 cases combined at the outset of operations in the market.
    2. Once this threshold is met, we will propose to Morinda's executive committee that the market be developed.
    3. If approval is received, we'll begin the development process, which consists of:

      1. A legal review to determine the best operational model for the local circumstances.
      2. Set-up of the chosen/designed operational model.
      3. Country opening when all the pieces are in place.
      4. (This process can take from 3 months to 2 years or longer, depending on local regulations.)