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  • The crown jewel of our community outreach, and the efforts about which we are most proud, is our work with Tahiti. Tahiti is integral to who we are. Tahiti so defines us as a global company that we owe everything to this beautiful jewel in the South Pacific.
    The splendent richness of its people, culture, and heritage showcases why Tahiti is so special to us. Here are some of the many ways Noni by NewAge tries to give back to our cultural home:

    • Direct investment in local noni harvesting and processing facilities, generating thousands of local jobs and contributing millions of dollars into the Tahitian economy.
    • Textbook and computer donation to schools across Tahiti.
    • Scholarships for higher education including contribution to the French Polynesia Scholarship Fund at BYU-Hawaii.
    • Ongoing involvement in the SOS Children's Village Papara orphanage, in which we've provided playground sets, school materials, Christmas presents and more.
    • Humanitarian relief efforts including assisting local families during flooding crises.

    For our efforts, and to symbolize our ongoing mutually beneficial relationship with Tahiti and French Polynesia, we are proud to say we received the Corporate & Social Responsibility Award from Tahiti at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York.