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  • 8 Inspiring Travel Instagrams for When You Can't Travel

    | 2020-08-20

    travel instagram


    With new travel restrictions and canceled trips, wanderlust is kicking in for everyone. If you find yourself feeling down about missed trips, know that it's a natural response. Travel actually makes us healthier!

    According to findings from the Global Commission on Aging, both men and women significantly lower their risk for heart attack and disease by taking only two vacations a year. Travel also has the power to boost our creativity and increase happiness.

    Luckily, we live in an age where the most remote and gorgeous locations can be accessed virtually, at least until we can safely return to the friendly skies.

    Virtually pack for paradise by following these travel Instagram accounts. Relax with inspirational photography, learn about new locations, and get travel tips from professional globetrotters. Don't forget to bookmark your favorite destinations so you can build the ultimate travel itinerary for next year.




    Calm turquoise lagoons, dramatic mountain peaks, and a vibrant island culture makes French Polynesia a must-visit. When we can't make the long flight, the next best thing is @tahititourisme - the official Instagram account of Tahitian tourism. Slowly scroll through deep blue oceanscapes and burning sunsets. You'll feel like you're right on the beach drinking a glass of superfruit Tahitian Noni Juice.




    Best Vacations highlights the most luxurious vacation views from around the world. You won't find roadside motels on this feed. Instead, the stunning photography captures indulgent floating breakfasts, private Santorini pools, and paddle boarding pristine waters at Lake Tahoe. Don't waste time making a travel bucket list, just follow @bestvacations and let them guide your next big trip. It's photos like these that remind us how revitalizing and magical travel can be!




    Ryan and Sam are an LA-based travel couple who adventure to incredible locations around the globe. Major #CoupleGoals here, so if you love to travel with your significant other, use Ryan and Sam as inspiration. Expect seriously cute photos, travel tips, and a spark in your desire to discover new places. One difficulty we all encounter traveling is deciding whether to go someone new or tried and true. Ryan and Sam favor the former, helping even their budget-travel followers find a new corner of the world to explore.




    It's not a real vacation unless you're on a beach- preferably a tropical island. Do you agree? If you're like us and prefer to escape the real world to an island paradise, find your virtual beach by following @polynesian.islands. Calming turquoise waters and exciting aquatic life leaves you feeling peaceful and more connected (even if you're stuck at home!).




    Daniel is an experienced traveler and photographer, blending his talents of finding highly unique locations and shooting the most breathtaking photos. You won't find any selfies on his feed @danielkordan, but a breathtaking mix of pure nature views. From endless lilac fields to misty mountains, this Instagram feed will inspire your next solo adventure. More than images, Daniel also shares stunning drone footage so you can get a real feel for the incredible landscapes. Add a few of Daniel's spots to your 2021 travel plans.




    Travel is just as much about the hotels and food as it is the sights. That's why we follow @bucketlistbums. Shelbi is a traveling guru who takes you around the globe as she stays in the most unique and Instagrammable hotels, noshes at mouthwatering eateries, and partakes in thrilling excursions. We've bookmarked a couple of her photos so we can recreate them on our own! Gelato at the Trevi Fountain? Yes, please!




    They say the biggest test of a relationship is taking a trip together. Raquel and Miguel, the couple behind @explorerssaurus_, have passed with flying colors. They've made careers out of traveling and taking sweet photos together. What's better, a lot of their destinations are easy to access without a 20+ hour plane ride. You can tell they love traveling, love each other, and love having fun. We can't help but love seeing them make the world their playground. Their locations and photos are always unique and creative, infused with a ton of color and fun - a great travel Instagram to inspire couples but also best friends.




    The thought of traveling with the entire family may cause you stress, so it's time to change that thought pattern. Look for guidance from @thebucketlistfamily, a family of five that has vacationed to 83 countries together. Share these gorgeous, natural photos with your little ones and significant other and start planning a trip together as a family. Get a real-life sense of what it's like to travel with young children with a behind-the-scenes look at the parents' daily lives. Plus, get tons of ideas for fun family photos while traveling. Practice in the backyard and pretend it's the exotic jungle.


    Stay healthy while staying at home by taking your daily Tahitian Noni Juice and keeping a positive mindset. Follow Noni by NewAge on Instagram for health & wellness products and inspiration. 


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