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    Our Initiatives

  • Sustainable Agriculture: 100% of our noni has been exclusively and sustainably sourced from family farms in French Polynesia, since 1996
  • Local Economic Impact: We provide positive economic impact and job opportunity on the island via our noni production plan
  • Educational Support: We award scholarships and provide school supplies to the children of noni farmers.
  • Community Outreach: We partner with SOS Children's Village in Papara, Tahiti to provide family stability and education.
  • Noni by NewAge partners
    with SOS Children’s Village


    SOS Children’s Village

    For over ten years, we have partnered with SOS Children's Village to help provide a safe environment and family stability to children and young adults who could not find that home. SOS Children's Village provides a stable home for siblings to grow up together, access to education and the emotional support and guidance they need.