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  • The story of Noni by NewAge is the story of a small, knobby, unassuming fruit which grows in abundance on the island of Tahiti. The fruit's name is noni, and inside it lay limitless potential and promise.

    Noni, the original superfruit, became the foundation of everything we are, and everything we do. Who knew this green thing could change the world in such a meaningful way?

    We did.

    And now we are on a mission to bring noni-the unquestioned embodiment of the Power of Paradise-to the world.

    We are Noni by NewAge, and we believe in the Power of Paradise.

    We believe in it because we have seen it. We are witnesses.

    We have seen Tahiti in all its perfection-the crystal-clear water, the clean air, the warm sun beaming across an endless horizon. Tahiti is our paradise.

    We discovered noni, the matchless, peerless, limitless miracle of nature. We have seen it transform countless lives. Noni is our power.

    Tahitian Noni is the power of paradise, and we are driven by our mission to share it with the world.

    Because we know the true miracle of noni is this: Everyone who experiences it finds their own power and builds their own paradise.

    The power to build a paradise of lasting health.

    The power to build a paradise of beauty, strength and confidence.

    The power to build a paradise of financial freedom.

    It all starts with Noni.

    And we are the noni company. Noni is our past, noni is our present and noni is our future.