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    At Noni by New Age, we have a deep and abiding connection to the culture, land and people on the island of Tahiti. For more than 25 years since our founding, we’ve dedicated our philanthropic efforts to sustaining the earth and lives of those who make the island of Tahiti home, and we’re just getting started.

    • Sustainable Agriculture: We have sustainably sourced 100% of our noni exclusively from family farms in French Polynesia since 1996.
    • Local Economic Impact: We are committed to partnering with the island of Tahiti to providing positive economic impact an opportunity and jobs that stay on the island via our noni production plant.
    • Educational Support: We award university scholarships to the children of noni farmers, as well as, textbooks and computers for use in classrooms of all grade levels across the islands
    • Disaster Relief: We provide aid to families who have suffered during recent floods
    • Community Outreach: We provide family stability and education through our longstanding partnership with SOS Children’s Village in Papara, Tahiti

    For our efforts and contributions in French Polynesia, it is with great emotion and gratitude that we received the “Corporate & Social Responsibility Award” from the Government of French Polynesia at the United Nations Headquarters (UN), in New York.



    For over ten years, we’ve been partnering with the SOS Children’s Village to create family stability for kids in difficult circumstances. The SOS Children's Village gives siblings the chance to grow up together in the same house when they’ve been separated from their parents. Brothers and sisters live in a stable and secure living environment, attending local schools and growing up in with the island community.