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  • Jackie Lee’s TeMana Secret: 14 Days to Beautiful Skin Pack ‑ NEW |  

    **NEW ITEM**
    TeMana spokesperson Jackie Lee is a woman of many talents: actress, entertainment personality, author, healthy-living expert. Because beautiful skin is essential to her success, Jackie has developed a personal system using the TeMana Brightening products to give her beautiful results every time, guaranteed!

    Introducing Jackie Lee's TeMana Secret: 14 Days to Beautiful Skin. This skincare program, specially curated by Jackie Lee herself, is designed to help you feel the transformative effects of TeMana Noni Brightening products in just 14 days' time. It's a very simple 14 day system, and it delivers impressive results, no matter your skin type or age.

    Take Jackie's 14 day challenge today, follow the regimen exactly, and will love the results of your natural beauty illuminated and enhanced in a way it never has before.

    When you complete the Jackie's 14 Days to Beautiful Skin Challenge, you'll also receive a free gift, hand-picked by Jackie Lee! Take the challenge up to 3 times and receive 3 different gifts.

    RISK FREE! We guarantee that you will notice improvement and love the way your skin looks and feels! If you're not satisfied with any TeMana Noni Brightening product, simply return within 90 days for a full refund!

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    How to Use

    To start Jackie's 14-day challenge...

    1. Purchase the 14-day challenge pack
    2. Register at
    3. Join our private Facebook Group (
    4. Use the products for 14 days
    5. Submit your before and after pictures for your free prize!


    Here's what's inside Jackie's prized TeMana skincare pack:

    • TeMana Noni Brightening Cleanser
    • TeMana Noni Brightening Toner
    • TeMana Noni Brightening Serum
    • TeMana Noni Brightening Night Cream

    And when you purchase that pack, you'll get TeMana Noni Brightening Facial Masks ($76 value) free!


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    Jackie Lee 14 Day TeMana Set

    What People are Saying

    "With the use of the Temana Lighting System, I have seen a remarkable difference in about 1 week. My skin looks more radiant and healthy, the dark circles around my eyes have diminished noticeably, and the tone of the skin looks even. One of my favorite Temana products is the toner that reduce the appearance of fine lines and age spots. The eye cream has helped me a lot for the dark circles around the eyes, which has been my biggest problem." - Lourdes V.

    "I have had a great experience with using the TeMana products. Before using, I had red, splotchy, really dry skin. I had a dry spot on one of my cheeks, and I had acne. I feel like those have all gone down significantly! My red dry patch is almost all gone. My skin has cleared up. And I feel like my skin has evened out in tone. My face is so much more moisturized and my makeup goes on better after using the TeMana products." - Chelsea S.

    "I can honestly say that I can finally be makeup free without worrying about how I look. The TeMana products have significantly cleared my breakouts, age spots caused by sun and circles under my eyes. I love these products and will probably continue using them for the rest of my life. TeMana products are life changing." - Claudia F.

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