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  • TruAge Anti‑Glycation Gel |  

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    How to Use

    Apply liberally, twice daily, to face, hands and body. Focus on any areas of concern. Use alongside your current skincare regimen. Safe for all ages and skin types. 

    For best results, use with TruAge Max and the TruAge Core Complete A.G.E. Management system.

    A.G.E. management needs to happen every day, inside and out. And because the most visible effects of glycation takes place in the skin, Morinda created Anti-Glycation Gel. As the first TruAge product to be applied topically, it reduces and reverses A.G.E. damage in the skin. That means fewer wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and more. And with its blend of natural ingredients, Ant-Glycation Gel also soothes, repairs and moisturizes stressed or damaged skin, giving you a more youthful and vibrant appearance. - 8 oz / 230ml



    Topical TrūAge Max Blend - Noni fruit juice, Cornelian cherry fruit extract, Olive leaf extract, Blueberry fruit extract, and Cranberry fruit extract

    • Protects against free radical damage
    • Provides iridoids

    Oat kernel extract and beta-glucan

    • Soothes, calms, and softens skin
    • Reduces redness and irritation
    • Helps strengthen the skin's barrier function


    • Protects the skin against AGE damage
    • Prevents AGE formation
    • Reduces the signs of aging skin
    • Promotes healthy collagen production to improve the appearance of firm skin
    • Strengthens the skin's antioxidant defenses
    • Helps skin recover after sunburn

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    TruAge Anti-Glycation Gel 4pk
    TruAge Anti-Glycation Gel
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