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    I worked as a land surveyor and often worked with a second person in remote or difficult terrain. Traditionally, this person is called a chainman. As I am more experienced in surveying, the chainmen is usually much younger; around 21 to 30 years old. This is about half of my age and generally these chainmen are “learning the ropes” of surveying. So, around the office, I have earned a reputation as the "chainman killer". I had one young fellow who after a day of work with me, never showed up, wouldn’t answer the phone, nor answer his messages. Another young fellow became so sick from heat exhaustion that I had to let him sit in the car while I finished off the work. A third chainman was so un-enthusiastic about a big job we had at an airport. I had to walk the entire job, which was 7 miles, while he drove the car and smoked! Now, everyone always asks me how I am such a driven and tough worker. I attribute my toughness to years of drinking the Tahitian Noni Juice and now the TruAge Max! I enjoy the fact that I can out work most people half my age. Getting older doesn't mean being slow or out of sorts. Now I don't have to work as a Surveyor any more, Morinda pays the bills.!

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