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    Our Initiatives

  • Sustainable Agriculture: 100% of our noni has been exclusively and sustainably sourced from family farms in French Polynesia, since 1996
  • Local Economic Impact: We provide positive economic impact and job opportunity on the island via our noni production plan
  • Educational Support: We award scholarships and provide school supplies to the children of noni farmers.
  • Community Outreach: We partner with SOS Children's Village in Papara, Tahiti to provide family stability and education.
  • For our efforts and contributions in French Polynesia, it is with great emotion and gratitude that we received the "Corporate & Social Responsibility Award" from the Government of French Polynesia at the United Nations Headquarters (UN), in New York.

    Noni by NewAge partners
    with SOS Children’s Village


    SOS Children’s Village

    For over ten years, we have partnered with SOS Children's Village to help provide a safe environment and family stability to children and young adults who could not find that home. SOS Children's Village provides a stable home for siblings to grow up together, access to education and the emotional support and guidance they need.